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The high temperature furnace far infrared thermal insulation coatings become mai

Furnace refractory material is high temperature resistant materials, insulation materials and anti-corrosion materials, a variety of functions in one furnace high temperature materials working in high temperature kiln 3-5 so after high temperature furnace refractory material will be crisp shedding, safety, corrosion serious oxidation and anti image furnace insulation. The protective insulation anticorrosion practice high temperature furnace refractories is the high temperature insulation insulation coating on the surface of the high temperature furnace refractories to brush ZS-1, heating temperature and reducing erosion corrosion of insulating brick, the ZS-1 high-temperature thermal insulation coating and brushing ZS-1061 high temperature infrared radiation coating, increase the combustion temperature of the furnace, reduce the exhaust gas temperature, energy saving, sufficient combustion, so that such economic benefits is particularly prominent.
High temperature insulation coating is Beijing Sheng Chi Wei Hua Chemical Co. Ltd. is the exclusive production of the model ZS-1, coating made of pure inorganic materials and refined processing, environmental protection, energy saving material of inorganic heat insulation, fire retardant in one. The coating thermal conductivity is only 0.03W/m.K, with high temperature resistant Wei Hua Zhi Sheng solution unique, high temperature can reach 1800 DEG C, can directly face the long time high temperature flame, can effectively suppress various heat and radiation heat insulation suppression efficiency can reach about 90%. High temperature furnace material is cotton insulation or insulation mat, in cotton insulation or ZS-1011 fiber transition coating insulation mat first, in brushing ZS-1061 high temperature infrared radiation coating, which can reduce the corrosion degree of cotton insulation or insulation mat, better insulation mat or insulation insulation. The aging process in material, insulation insulation mat or prolong service life.
High temperature insulation coating and ZS-1061 infrared radiation coating has high efficient insulation heat shielding effect, also has the insulation abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight, convenient construction, long service life, and good sound insulation effect. Good product, create a good market, let the market downturn in the economy is not low, so that high performance driving the market, upgrading water products, stimulating industrial technology, high temperature resistant coatings for industrial furnace insulation energy-saving insulation not difficult.

2017-02-26 11:21:17