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Building waterproofing coatings, building sealants included in the 2017 batch of

The day before, the National Quality Inspection Administration's official website issued a notice in 2017 second batch of national product quality supervision and inspection inspection institutions to declare the work of the. Notice, the construction of waterproof coatings, construction sealants and other 37 kinds of products included in the AQSIQ this year, the second batch of national supervision of product quality quarterly inspection product plan.
In 2017, the second batch of countries involved in a total of 37 kinds of products, the batch of 2460, involving electronic and electrical appliances, light industrial products, construction and decoration materials, agricultural means of production, machinery and security products, electrical and materials of the top six categories. Sampling time for April 17, 2017 to July 9, 2017, a total of 84 days.
2017 second batch of product quality supervision quarterly product plan
(a total of 37 products, 2460 batches)
Sampling time: April 17, 2017 ~2017, 84 days in July 9th
From the notice was informed that the State Administration of quality supervision is organized this year, the second batch of product quality supervision and inspection by the national inspection agency reporting. The inspection institution shall make a declaration on the unit name of the specific state supervision and spot check of the corresponding product unit. According to the inspection reporting institutions the ability to choose to declare related products, in strict accordance with the instructions "and" fill in "sample requirements, reporting institutions appraisal table" and upload the relevant verification materials; according to the "national product quality supervision and spot checks implementation plan (template)", compile and upload the inspection program. Upon completion of the declaration, the applicant shall confirm the submission.

2017-02-28 11:22:00